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The new is being deployed

The Outlook team is on a mission to bring you the best email and calendar experience—at work, at home—across all your favorite devices. In recent months, Microsoft has made several updates to the desktop and mobile apps, launching Outlook 2016 and delivering a steady stream of updates to the iOS, Android and Windows 10 apps. The team announced that the new version of is now out of preview

The new, powered by Office 365, provides a business-class email experience to help you collaborate effortlessly, focus on what matters and get more done using some of your favorite apps and services.

The new is built on an Office 365-based infrastructure, so you get the benefits of an email service that millions of businesses, governments and schools around the world rely on every day. In today’s digital world, the security of your personal information is vital, and this move to a new platform gives your email and calendar data, enhanced security and reliability.

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