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No Hassle Voice And Video Calling Via Edge Browser

Microsoft announced that Skype for Web,, Office Online and OneDrive now support real-time, plugin free voice, video and group video calling on Microsoft’s Edge browser, using the ORTC media engine that was recently embedded in Microsoft Edge.

No download. No plugin to install. Just sign-in and click to start a call on Skype with Microsoft Edge.

Skype video calling on Microsoft Edge

No downloads or plugins. No more hassle:

Skype calls on the web are hassle free – for the hundreds of millions of you that use every day, to those that visit wanting to make a call or anyone preparing a presentation on PowerPoint online; plugin free calling enables quick-fire chat and collaboration, making it easier to get things done together, with anyone, anywhere. No matter where you are, Skype calling on the web is now just a tap away, right there, ready to go.

Preview: Try plugin free calling:

We’re lucky to have so many industry-leading engineers within the Skype and Microsoft Edge teams. They have combined their knowledge to deliver the very best plugin free calling experience during this Preview period. Because the Skype and Microsoft Edge teams work so closely, it means you’ll be able to take advantage of plugin free calling in certain calling scenarios from Microsoft’s Edge browser first:

  • All Skype one-to-one and group voice and video calls to and from Microsoft Edge browsers are plugin free.
  • All Skype one-to-one calls from Microsoft Edge to the latest versions of Skype for Windows and Skype for Mac are plug in free.

To keep it simple: if you’re calling from Microsoft Edge, ask the person you’re calling to upgrade to the latest version of Skype for Windows or Mac, or to use Skype for Web on Microsoft Edge.

Plugin free calling beyond Microsoft Edge:

The launch is exciting news and is the first step towards fulfilling the commitment we’ve made to support WebRTC in Skype and Skype for Business. But we want to bring seamless calling to everyone, not just people using Microsoft Edge. To make this a reality, we will continue to work on enabling audio and video interoperability with Chrome and Firefox browsers, once they both support the H.264 video codec.

You can learn more about the Microsoft Edge real-time communications roadmap here.

In the meantime, fire-up your Microsoft Edge browser, sign in to Skype for Web and place a plugin free call to a friend or colleague on Skype.

Source: Skype Blog


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