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Overview of Azure IoT Suite

A typical IoT solution requires secure, bidirectional communication between devices, possibly numbering in the millions, and a solution back end that, for example, uses automated, predictive analytics to uncover insights from your device-to-cloud event stream. The Azure IoT services offer a broad range of capabilities. These enterprise grade services enable you to:

  • Collect data from devices
  • Analyze data streams in-motion
  • Store and query large data sets
  • Visualize both real-time and historical data
  • Integrate with back-office systems

To deliver these capabilities, Azure IoT Suite packages together multiple Azure services with custom extensions as preconfigured solutions. These preconfigured solutions are base implementations of common IoT solution patterns that help to reduce the time you take to deliver your IoT solutions. Using the IoT software development kits, you can customize and extend these solutions to meet your own requirements. You can also use these solutions as examples or templates when you are developing new IoT solutions.

Azure IoT services in Azure IoT Suite
The preconfigured solutions typically use the following services:

  • Core to Azure IoT Suite is the Azure IoT Hub service. This service provides the device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device messaging capabilities and acts as the gateway to the cloud and the other key IoT Suite services. The service enables you to receive messages from your devices at scale, and send commands to your devices.
  • Azure Stream Analytics provides in-motion data analysis. IoT Suite leverages this service to process incoming telemetry, perform aggregation, and detect events. The preconfigured solutions also use stream analytics to process informational messages that contain data such as metadata or command responses from devices. The solutions use Stream Analytics to process the messages from your devices and deliver those messages to other services.
  • Azure Storage and Azure DocumentDB provide the data storage capabilities. The preconfigured solutions use blob storage to store telemetry and to make it available for analysis. The solutions use DocumentDB to store device metadata and enable the device management capabilities of the solutions.
  • Azure Web Apps and Microsoft Power BI provide the data visualization capabilities. The flexibility of Power BI enables you to quickly build your own interactive dashboards that use IoT Suite data.

For an overview of the architecture of a typical IoT solution, see Microsoft Azure and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Preconfigured solutions

IoT Suite includes preconfigured solutions that enable you to quickly get started with and to explore the common IoT scenarios that Azure IoT Suite makes possible. You can deploy the solutions to your Azure subscription and then run a complete, end-to-end IoT solution.

I will go deeper in these the preconfigured solutions in one of the next articles.

Source: Microsoft Azure


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