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Microsoft Band 2 GPS Power Saver and Weight Tracking Available Now

GPS Power Saver mode and weight-tracking functionality, available through the Microsoft Health app, will help you maximize your time and your resources to get you where you want to go, and get you more of what you want – your data! The community asked, and Microsoft came through.

Extend your new Microsoft Band’s battery life with GPS Power Saver mode

You can now extend the battery life on your new Microsoft Band for up to four hours when you run or bike with GPS. To make this goal a reality, Microsoft enabled a new feature that lets your new Microsoft Band’s GPS sample your location in intervals, rather than continuously, by turning on GPS Power Saver. Even with GPS Power Saver turned on, Microsoft Health will still map your route in the mobile app and web dashboard. Get to the finish with your full performance summary and observations, even on those long runs or rides.

Track your weight with the Microsoft Health app

Track changes to your weight, and get a current approximation of your BMI with the Microsoft Health app’s new weight-tracking feature. Want to see how you’ve been progressing towards your goals? Enter your weight regularly into the Microsoft Health app, then view in one or three month charts – or see your complete history to-date in the Microsoft Health app.

Top Features and Benefits

  • Live healthier. Microsoft Band 2 and Microsoft Health help you live healthier by tracking your heart rate, exercise, calorie burn and sleep quality. Microsoft Health is available as a universal Windows app, a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices, and via a Web Dashboard, enabling people to set wellness goals and receive actionable insights.
  • Get fit. Reach your fitness goals with Guided Workouts and custom tracking whether running, biking or golfing. Your perfect workout companion, Microsoft Band 2 not only tracks speed and distance with a built-in GPS but even elevation gains with its built-in barometer.
  • Be productive. Stay connected at a glance with the notifications that matter most to you right on your wrist. Easily check email previews, calendar alerts, calls or text messages, and view social updates. Stay organized with personal reminders you can set with your voice using Cortana.
  • Advanced technology. Microsoft Band 2’s curved screen makes it comfortable to wear. The vibrant, full-color AMOLED display is bright and easy to read, and is protected with durable Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Its 11 advanced sensors track your daily activity, exercise and sleep quality. And with built-in GPS, you aren’t tethered to a phone to track your data — it’s stored in the device itself then uploaded to Microsoft Health once Bluetooth kicks in.


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