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Cyber Security

Cyber Security takes Center Stage at Microsoft Envision

Cyber security will be a main focus at the Microsoft Envision conference, reflecting the topic’s importance to every executive or business leader who sets strategy for a company, business unit or government agency.

More than a dozen sessions will address cyber security at Envision, which begins April 4 in New Orleans, including topics such as what questions to ask a security team, managing security, surveillance and keeping highly regulated industries safe.

Microsoft Envision will focus on business leaders, specifically decision makers in operations, finance, sales, marketing and IT who are ready to be leaders not only in their organization but in their industry. It’s the newest addition to the big-four conference lineup, joining Microsoft Ignite (for technologists), Microsoft Build (for developers) and the Worldwide Partner Conference.

In a conference that lasts just two and a half days, over a dozen sessions address the cyber security topic. Here’s a sneak preview at the topics you’ll get to choose from:

  • Five questions you should ask your security teams— Prepare your security team. A breach is not just about security. It can shake up your customer base, partner relations, executive staff, profits, and revenue. Speaker: Alym Rayani
  • Managing security: protect your assets, protect your business— Enjoy the opportunities created by connected technologies and minimize the risk. Benefit from Microsoft’s insight into a threat landscape that includes trillions of signals from billions of devices. Speaker: Alym Rayani
  • Surveillance debate— Get ahead of the changes. Technology evolves while the legalities of government access to digital information remains unchanged (for now). A panel discusses recent headlines in light of encryption, localization, terrorist threats, and other pressures on policymakers as legal modernization begins. Speakers: Panel discussion
  •  Keeping highly regulated industries safe— Don’t let regulations hold you back. Despite being one of the most regulated industries on the planet, the healthcare industry is driving to the cloud while successfully addressing security, privacy, and compliance. Speakers: Leslie Sistla, Richard Seiersen

Search the session catalog for a current picture of cyber security sessions at Microsoft Envision (sessions are being added daily). Be sure to tell your colleagues, customers, partners, and friends about this great opportunity. As you scroll through the catalog, you will see just how big this conference is and how it can help almost every business.

Source: Microsoft News Center


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