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About us

since 2010 – 2016

Welcome to – a blog focused on interesting technology topics primarily around Microsoft, digitalization and Design.

My name is Frederik De Breuck but frequently better known under my handle StonyArc (my gamertag for more than 12 years). Next to writing and maintaining this personal blog I also own (16 000 members and 93 000 twitter followers). As I’m not a professional writer, I also work as Presales Director for Fujitsu Belgium.

From the onset, I’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether I’m designing a new presentation, a new tweak to the look of one of my websites, programming a windows app or writing an article, I aim to take great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve you, rather than my own individual goal. No sense in hiding it, it is also personally gratifying.

Each day, I throw myself passionately into the task of becoming better at work and at play. Over the years I have nurtured a collaborative and people-focused culture because I believe that fuels innovation and creativity. Although I may only have little story to tell, the aim is always to produce great work with positive energy.

It would make me proud if you take the time to register on my website.