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‘Dump your Brain’ launches in the Windows Store

My new app just got accepted in the store. It’s like a to do list/journal but not really.

It’s created in project Siena Beta 2. ‘Dump your Brain’ lets you register your random and weird thoughts in a set of predefined categories. The ‘Dump your Brain’ registers the time and date of the Dump and let’s you read them on a timeline. Just does what the tin says.

It uses the loadData / saveData to retain the data, also contains a simulated chart, statistics, inset and remove from collections, etc.

Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.



Frederik De Breuck is better known as Stonyarc (GamerTag). Next to writing and maintaining his personal blog he is the owner of and . He's also Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) since 2010 and works as Presales Director for Fujitsu Belgium.

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